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July 11, 2014


Jaime Buckley


Thank you for the article. Though I have to admit I see much in the video game and movie category when it comes to youth around my home, my own 11 kids (yes, I said 11) are, for the most part, aggressive readers, I say 'for the most part' because I'd like to add something to your comments.

I have 8 girls, 3 boys and the girls are hardly seen without a book, summer or no. Their mother and I are constantly after them to get out of the house or to focus on chores before the delve back into the latest Jane Austen book from the library.

My boys on the other hand are constantly looking for a media fix, which had me worried for my youngest boy--only 7, who wants to follow the example of his video-game-addicted 16 and 21 year old brothers. To be fair, my 21 year old owns a Nook with a collection of 300+ books, which he is constantly expanding...he just reads at odd times and usually at night.

I have gone so far as to get out my ancient comic book collection to surround my youngest boy with a compromise, hoping to guide him to literature he might be interested in.

So thank you for the article, Tish--I'm going to mention these Frances books to my wife (a school teacher) and see if they might be another option in our home. Do you think they would interest a 7 year old boy?

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